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Our new President's Choice Royal Animal Theatre showcases and celebrates working animals in a dynamic theatre setting. You will be amazed by Sylvia Zerbini and her magnificent Arabians as they perform at liberty. You will be impressed by the talent of the border collie who will be herding sheep at his masters command. You will be inspired by the exquisitely trained horses who will demonstrate the many equine disciplines featured in the Royal Horse Show. This along with so much more including 4H rabbit jumping, Super Goats and President's Choice Superdogs means you could stay at the President's Choice Royal Animal Theatre all day, but there's so much more to see at The Royal!

  • Born and raised in Wimbledon, England, Victoria Stilwell is one of the world’s most recognized and respected dog trainers, reaching audiences in over 40 countries. 
  • The President's Choice SuperDogs® show is suspenseful, dramatic, exciting, and fun.
  • Watch as our seasoned sheep herder works closely with her talented border collie to rally her herd of sheep into one pen. Viki Kidd has travelled across Ontario with her troop showcasing these eye catching skills.
  • Learn about all the different horse breeds at the Royal Animal Theatre. Live riding and performance demonstrations daily, plus learn about equestrian attire and horse health and upkeep from our industry professionals.
  • Sylvia Zebrini -Most recently the star of the acclaimed equestrian spectacle Cavalia (2008-2011), Sylvia’s gift for orchestrating nine Arabians at once in her mesmerizing Grande Liberte performance.
  • And you thought watching horses leap over jumps was impressive! Watch as these rabbits run and jump over mini sized jumps and show you their hopping skills.
  • It's fast!.  It's electrifying! And you'll love to cheer them on to victory as these terrific Terriers compete for the title of "Top Dog".  The action packed performance is perfect for parents and kids.
  • Animal Psychic– Lauren Bode
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